Welcome to Intuition Garden – a page dedicated to you, and my work as an Angel intuitive and life coach.

My name is Roza Alicja, and I have been working with clients as an Angel professional, for more than 20 years (I first was doing this work, while being a student, in elementary school in Poland).

If you dream of a better, easier, happier life for you – your Angels want you to have it, too! And they have a practical insight of how you can have it, now. During the session with me, you will hear their message.

How the session looks like? It can be done by either telephone, Skype, email or in person. Usually it is a one-on-one session, just you, me ( and Your Angels and spirit guides). I hear or sense their insight or answer to your life’s questions, problems or your current frustrations – and I pass the message from the angels to you. The whole session is like talking to an old Friend, who knows you, accepts you as you are, and offers love and light.

Results are often visible even after just first session. You might experience more inner peace, more joy. Some of your life problems may just naturally go away, as a result of a shift in your energy.