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If you dream of a better, easier, happier life for you – your Angels want you to have it, too!  And they offer practical guidance during our session.

How the session looks like?  It can be done by either telephone, Skype, email or in person. The whole session is like talking to an old Friend, who knows you, accepts you as you are, and offers love and light.

Results are often visible even after just first session. You might experience more inner peace, more joy.  Some of your life problems may just naturally go away, as a result of a shift in your energy.

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Nie wiedzialem czego moge oczekiwac od sesji Reiki i pracy intuicyjnej z Aniolami.  Czulem sie wtedy dosc w dolku, kiedy przyszedlem na sesje po raz pierwszy.
Sesja Reiki pomogla mi wzmocnic moje sily fizyczne i psychiczne.  Nabralem ochoty do zycia.
Dziekuje Ci Alicjo!